6th KloHäuschen Biennale
10th JunE – 3rd July 2022

The “Grand Tour”

As everyone knows, since 2012, Das KloHäuschen has been hosting its own biennial: an international exhibition of contemporary art. Every other year. Always in even years. So far, always in years when venerable biennials such as Venice, Istanbul or Lyon were not in session. But now, in 2022, many of these colleagues – above all the great Venice Biennale – have suddenly changed their rhythm.

The KloHäuschen is convinced: the reason can only be that they finally want to take place in the same year together with the KloHäuschen Biennial!

As curator of this memorable sixth biennial the KloHäuschen is honored to have won over Ralf Homann. The curator and artist, who lives in Munich and Berlin, takes up the signs of the times and invites to the “Grand Tour”, a great journey of art through Europe, which can only ever be experienced when the Venice Biennale (every 2 years) and the documenta (every 5 years) take place in the same year.
Like now: Venice – Das KloHäuschen – Kassel – Basel – Prishtina – Istanbul – Lyon …

And with his “Grand Tour” Ralf Homann not only puts the KloHäuschen Biennale on the European art route. More than that, he makes the visit to the Biennale itself a “Grand Tour”. This is done by each of the approximately 40 participating artists selecting the site for the display of their artwork by themselves. Thus, the venues are distributed in and around Munich, thereby making the whole metropolis around the KloHäuschen the “exhibition space” that waits to be traveled.

The KloHäuschen itself, of course, is at the center of it all. It is the information point, the service and press center: here you will find the biennial guide, the original KHBiSix-GRAND-TOUR case tags, the catalogue, and the press kit as well as the venue for events of “art education made by Das KloHäuschen” – everything visitors will need to get started on their very own “Grand Tour” of art.

THE CatalogUE

OPEN Program


A Walk.

With Thomas Glatz

Starting LE GRAND TOUR “Viewing from the walls”

A Readymade.

By Olaf Probst


Art, Truth and
what’s left behind from God.

With ATHOR & Schmidt

contact Information

Biennale Press office: presse@KH-Biennale.world
Your contact person: Anja Uhlig

The Biennale Team
CURATOR: Ralf Homann, BIENNALE-DESIGN: Mel Castillo, BIENNALE INFOPOINT ARCHITECTURE: rasso rottenfusser, TEAM BIENNALE INFOPOINT: Klaus Mayer, ART EDUCATION: Olaf Probst, POETRY & MUSIC: Athor & Schmidt, NO-ART-EDUCATION: Thomas Glatz, HEAD OF OUTREACH MANAGEMENT: Manuela Unverdorben, SOCIAL: Susanne Blaszczyk, BIENNALE-DIRECTOR: Anja Uhlig & Das KloHäuschen.


Available in your BIENNALE-INFOPOINT

Das KloHäuschen

Thalkirchner Straße / corner to Oberländerstraße
81371 Munich




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